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Spotting Warning Signs During Holiday Visits with your Parents Can Avoid Crisis in the Future

Dec 20, 2016 by Dennis Patouhas

With the holidays upon us, it affords us an opportunity to see how things are going with Mom and Dad. If we live far away, it may have been awhile since we were last home. Read Article

Video: Non-Invasive Treatment of Essential Tremors

Dec 18, 2016 by Dennis Patouhas

Non-Invasive Treatment of Essential Tremors - Essential tremor may be mild in some individuals, but in others it can become debilitating over time. The tremors, which are often most severe in the hands, can interfere with everyday activities such as eating, drinking, writing, or tying shoelaces. Read Article

Exercise Fights Depression and How to Stay with It

Dec 12, 2016 by Dennis Patouhas

Exercise is something most of us know something about, but not enough do anything about it. Doctors tell patients that they need to exercise more. Common sense tells us that the use it or lose it philosophy has tons of credence. Read Article

Comfort Keepers Launches a Great Gift for Your Loved Ones

Dec 9, 2016 by Dennis Patouhas

See Grandpad and learn more about Comfort Keepers and our approach to providing in home care services for seniors and the technology that can help them overcome isolation and loneliness. Read Article

5 Reasons You Might Be More Forgetful Lately

Dec 8, 2016 by Dennis Patouhas

Are you worried that your forgetfulness lately could mean something bigger is going on? You might be dealing with one or more of these issues. Read Article

What Are the Best Ways to Manage Sundowning for an Elderly Loved One with Dementia

Dec 2, 2016 by Dennis Patouhas

When an elderly loved one is susceptible to sundowning it can be disturbing both for her and for you. Learning to manage sundowning is essential for everyone's peace of mind. Read Article

Comfort Keepers Kicks Off the Official Start of the Annual Fairfield County Alzheimer’s Walk

Dec 1, 2016 by Dennis Patouhas

Alzheimer's Walk Calf Pasture Beach 09-2016 with our own Cassie Robinson who wowed the throngs with our National Anthem for the 10th year in a row. Read Article

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