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How Visits With Your Parents Can Avoid Crisis In The Future

Dec 30, 2013 by Dennis Patouhas

Greenwich, CT – When the holidays roll around we tend to get some pretty panicked calls from children of seniors who visit Mom and Dad only to realize that all may not be the way … Read Article

Health Consequences of Loneliness

Dec 11, 2013 by Dennis Patouhas

Loneliness is a universal human emotion, yet it is both complex and unique to each individual, according to Kendra Cherry of About.com. Loneliness has no common cause, so the preventions and treatments vary dramatically. In order … Read Article

Plaque and Dementia

Dec 11, 2013 by Dennis Patouhas

According to ThirdAge.com, the path of plaque buildup in the brain could be an early marker for Alzheimer’s disease. This is a new theory studied by the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and by … Read Article

Scams With Car Maintenance

Dec 11, 2013 by Dennis Patouhas

Some car service managers recommend that you make pricey additions to your routine maintenance even though your car is running absolutely fine. Should you agree to it and what are some of the no-need procedures … Read Article

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