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Encouraging Independence Essential to Senior’s Quality of Life

Apr 7, 2018 by Dennis Patouhas

Seniors who can do for themselves are typically more content with life than those who depend fully on others.

That’s the basis for the in-home senior care services of Comfort Keepers® of Lower Fairfield County CT. Our compassionate caregivers—Comfort Keepers—encourage the seniors they care for to stay as active as possible and do as much for themselves as they are able.

We call our approach to in-home senior care Interactive Caregiving. The idea is that Comfort Keepers provides seniors with companionship and step forward to assist only with those activities of daily living (ADLs) that their clients need help performing – for example; getting in and out of bed or standing from a chair. In it's simplest terms, we do with our seniors, rather than for them.

This approach encourages seniors to stay physically active. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says that physical activity preserves and improves seniors’ ability to function well and maintain independence, even when they have health problems.

In addition to encouraging seniors to stay involved in household tasks like housecleaning, laundry and meal preparation, Comfort Keepers provide their clients opportunities to get regular physical exercise, such as walking, and mental exercise, such as playing games, working on puzzles and staying engaged in hobbies.

Physical exercise contributes to seniors’ independence in a variety of ways. It increases metabolism to control weight and helps build muscle mass, which further enhances the ability to burn calories and lose weight—which in turn makes it easier to stay physically active.

Physical activity also positively impacts control of health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. It improves immune function, which reduces the risk of acquiring infections. It also promotes heart health, increases bone density, and enhances mobility, flexibility and balance—which all contribute to lowering seniors’ risk of falls.

Improved physical health also contributes to improved self-esteem, self-confidence, mental health and ability to sleep. Activity, both physical and mental, boosts brain function, which prevents memory loss, slows cognitive decline and reduces the risk of dementia.

To sum it all up, encouraging your senior loved one to live as independently as possible—and providing him or her the assistance needed for safe, in-home living—boosts quality of life.

Call Comfort Keepers of Lower Fairfield County CT at 203-629-5029 to find out more about how we can help you promote your loved one’s in-home independence.

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